How I started with Essential Oils

Before we get started, I am not a nurse or doctor, nor do I claim to be. I am only here to share my own experience with essential oils. If you have health problems or an emergency, you should make your doctor aware of it as soon as possible. Do not leave health problems unattended.

Let me tell you how I got started.

I’ve had migraines occasionally. Then it got to the point, it was just about once a week. Something that a simple pill would help as long as i wasnt already getting sick to my stomach.

Back in 2011, I wanted something besides daily medication. Going to the Dr. or Urgent Care to have shots to help with migraines and my nausea was not fun.

I spent alot of time sleeping because of the medication I had taken , or the shots but it got to the point where I thought I didn’t have a choice. I would get sick 3 – 4 hrs without it slowing up. Shots was the only way to make it stop at the time.

So I did my research online, looked into “natural remedies”, and came across easentail oils. It’s one of those things were you think it’s going to be a waste of money. So what do I do, I order some anyways.

Starting with essential oils, I did a little research online of which ones are 100% pure essentail oils. I had come across this brand to try.

I didn’t want to spend too much money on something I wasn’t sure of, but I had to try something.

My first essential oils I tried was lavender and peppermint. As soon as I had a headache coming on, I would apply lavender to my forehead, keeping it away from my eyes. Lavender is considered calming and soothing. It worked rather well. I thought it was just a coincidence.

The next time I had a headache, I tried peppermint. It was very cooling, but with migraines, certian smells can make them worse.

So after using myself as a guinea pig, I have found that the lavender was more helpful for the headaches and migraines. The peppermint is great on my stomach when I felt sick to my stomach.

After all I had found a home remedy that kept me from going to the doctors almost every week. I have essentail oils all over my home for different uses.

To learn more about Essentail oils and how to use them, check out my facebook page.

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